Airport Collection and Drop Off 

Prices quoted include tolls and petrol one way only.  There may be an extra charge for excessive waiting time.

Jerez - 65 euros

Gibraltar - 75 euros

Seville - 140 euros

Malaga - 170 euros

You book an airport collection via the online reservation system or email Linda at

Welcome Packs

A welcome pack can be provided for late night and Sunday

arrivals when all shops are closed.  It includes

Water, Orange Juice, Milk, Bread, Butter, Jam, Cheese, Chorizo, Red Wine or Beer, Fruit, Snack such as Crisps and Olives.  Cost is 25 euros.

If you have a more specific shopping request please let us know. 

You can  book a welcome pack via email with Linda at


  Drop Off Suppers

For those evenings when you arrive so late that you just don’t want to head out, when you have a beautiful pool to sit around or a terrace with amazing night time views, we offer the ‘’Drop-Off Supper’’. These dishes are easily finished off in the oven. You will only have to cook the main course!! Below are 2 sample menus. We offer different dishes regularly so please email to discuss.


Sample Menu 1

Tuna (best quality tinned tuna), Roasted Red Peppers, Eggs, Onions, Capers, Olive Oil & Parsley with Bread

Mildly Spiced Fillets of Fish with Tomato & Lemon Salsa, Roasted Sweet Potato, Salad of Green Beans, Black Olives & Pine Nuts

Orange & Almond Cake with Cr
ème Fraiche & Strawberries

Sample Menu 2

Spinach Terrine with Crackers

Chicken Thighs Roasted in Lemon Vinaigrette with Lemons & Shallots, Chorizo Mash & Greek Salad

Chocolate & Almond Cake with PX Prunes & Yoghurt

The cost of the above for 8 people would be in the region of E30 per head

Please contact Annie

Tapas Baskets

A selection of some of the best goodies Vejer has to offer.

This can be delivered before your arrival.

Ideal as a picnic supper or easy lunch.

Organic Goat’s Cheeses in Olive Oil and Herbs

Manchega & Membrillo



Olives & Almonds

Carrot, Caraway & Preserved Lemon Dip

Courgette, Cumin & Feta Dip

Tomato, Onion & Oregano Salad


Local Sesame Seed Crackers & Picos

Slices of Orange & Almond Cake

 Oranges & Cinnamon

The cost of the above for 4 people would be E105

The cost of the above for 6 people would be E140

The cost of the above for 8 people would be E165

Please contact Annie